Well the mustang ran for 2 days straight.Now it wont start?

Just got the stang running sunday.Drove around all day sun and mon.Got out to day to tighten the exhasut up.Tried to start it up and nothing.Its getting fuel but no spark.Got 6-7v on the ignition switch side.Ran a jumper lead to the ballast and tried to start it.Nothing.Voltage at the coil was about 10 on the +side and 12 on the coil ground side.Checked the coil and thought it was out of spec because there was 15 ohms at all prongs.Replaced it with a brand new ford motorsport coil.Nothing.Checked the ground at the distributor and it was good.Although I did find out tonight it was suppost to be ground to the engine not the fender well and your not suppost to have solid core wire on it.(previous owner crap!).Guess Ill wake up and test the unilite control module(Mallory Unilite Comp9000 distributor/promaster coil)!Eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr I just got the dang thing running.This is the 2nd time since Ive owned the car it broke down after I put the motor in.The first time I had to pull the motor and rebuild/replace it.
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I have had a similar thing happen to a Unilite, but it was not electrical in nature. My incident involved the roll pin on the cam gear.

First, lift off the cap, and start the motor. Make sure the rotor is rotating. It just sheared off. If the rotor is not moving, try turning it by hand. If it moves, then you broke the roll pin on the cam gear at the bottom of the distributor (my guess) or something else gave way. If you cannot move it by hand, then your timing chain or related parts gave up.

I found that the comp 9000 dist, has too tight of specs internally. You will need to take the dist apart and use emory cloth to lightly sand the main shaft in the distributor until it can rotate smoothly. Then replace the roll pin, otherwise, you will keep breaking roll pins.

If none of the above is true then, there should be 3 wires for the module. One wire goes to the ignition power, one wire to the negative lead on the coil and one to ground. Disconnect the lead to the negative on the coil, and connect it to a volt meter. Then connect the positive lead of the voltmeter to the battery feed to the positve lead of the coil. Have some one start car and see if the voltage changes from 12v to 0v. If it does not, then it is the pickup. Check the cap carefully and make sure that it is sitting low enough to block the sensor on the pickup. If this is the case, then you need to replace the pickup.

Good luck and let me know what you find.