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Mar 19, 2022
Newnan, GA
I have a 90 fox body with a crank no start condition. I have adequate fuel in the fuel lines. Air is not blocked. I do not however have any sort of spark. Originally i tested spark into spark plugs and go nothing there so i traced back into the ignition coil and there was no spark, so replaced the ignition coil as well as spark plugs ( they had a-lot of carbon) and sparked getting spark all the way into cylinder but still no fire. Was at a stand still and kept trying to start it. Thought I may have flooded the engine so left it for a couple days and came back to no spark out of the coil again. So checked power going into coil and no power. Leads me to ignition control module (MSD 6AL w rev limiter) and i figured there is something wrong with that as its not sending a ground signal or power to ignition coil. Also probably important to mention my I had my friend hook up jumper cables to jump the battery and he wired them backwards so may have blown some fuse. Whats weird to me is that even though there is no power to the ignition coil there is still power going to fans after ignition is turned on so Im not sure if there was a fuse of some sort inside the module or on the line leading back to the coil. I have pictures of the engine bay as well as a video of it struggling to start back last year if that would help.

Please and thank you for the help!!
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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