Went WOT for the first time


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Oct 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD
My engine builder was just with me listening to a noise I noticed (we are still not sure if it is pinging or valvetrain rattle), so I let him drive it a little. He took it to an empty street and heated up the tires a little, and then let her fly. WOT to about 5500 RPM. Once it hit 3rd gear, it took off.

Scared the @&#! out of me. But I am still smiling. Holy crap, this thing has some serious torque.

The noise is weird ... from about 3000-4000 there is a rattle that sounds sort of like pinging, but not really. He thinks it may be a rocker that has backed off a little.

Over 4000 RPM at WOT, the noise goes away. We did it twice to make sure.

I was surprised how easy it was to smoke the tires. He just put it in gear, held the brake with his left foot and gave it gas with the right. At about 2000 RPM or so the tires started spinning. Within a few seconds they were smoking.

Can you tell I have been extremely cautious driving it around so far?

I am going to continue to be gentle with it until we know what the noise is and it is gone.
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I remember it was a "Holy ****!" moment the first I went WOT. :D Then when I really got on it the first time all I could do was hold on. By that I mean the first time I ran through all 4 gears instead of lifting around 80mph.

BTW, mine makes the same noise around 3000-3500 RPMS....I'm thinking it's just an exhaust leak on mine. Or just something weird with the exhaust note. It's done it since I got it running, even after it was tuned.
I remember the day I got my engine tuned with the supercharger and new cam. Got it on the interstate, put the pedal down, rowed through some gears, and was at 150 before I knew it!

Hope you get those problems sorted out. Its gonna be scary-fun.
Over 4000 RPM at WOT, the noise goes away. We did it twice to make sure.

yeah to make sure of the noise...yeah the noise, i'm sure that was the reason you had go get into it. :D

yeah i remember when i put the 331 in and it ran like crap, because the distributor was shot, once we put the new one in, it was like holy f'in shinto!

glad to hear that the car is finally coming to completion. congrats