What’s the widest front 20” wheel on an S197

Texas Stangalang

New Member
Jan 27, 2019
There may be someone who’s hit in his but I haven’t found it yet and time is kind of a factor for me to get an answer.

Anyways I’ve got an 07 GT running factory 18s on 255/45. Got some other wheels that are 20x10 front (40 offset), 20x10.5 rear. I really wanna run these rims because they are sweet but I’m kind of afraid that I may have clearance issue up front. I put one on and didn’t notice anything that would be a problem but I’m not going to assume that it’s all ok from just an initial check for fit. I haven’t had a chance to go to a decent tire shop yet and get some input and the best local mustang shop wasn’t sure when I called to get their best input. Just wondering if anyone here is running a 20x10 front wheel. I’m planning on going with a 275/35 on the front.

Any input on if this will work on the S197 is greatly appreciated. I know that some are running these in the S550, but I haven’t seen anyone in my year of S197 give an answer that I was able to come across.
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