What Cam Should I Buy??


Aug 20, 2013
well im stuck trying to figure out what cam to buy duration lift ect, i dont really care what brand , and lifters ect

. not exactly sure what i want to do with the car just want somthin fun with a little power

some specs on my current setup

non roller 302 stock bottom end, edelbrock performer rpm intake and performer 600cfm carb.
msd distributor, long tube headers no cats 40 series flowmasters,
t-5 trans, 410 gears auburn diff.
heads are stock i was going to play around with velocity porting but dunno yet
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because i got it for free lol . its just somthin to mess with for now , maybe ill do a 351 or 347 stroker someday. gettin me some gt40 heads this week from the junk yard off a explorer

Make sure you replace the valve springs with either the TFS or Alex's, as the stock ones are too weak for even the stock HO cam.
i heard a few different things about the gt40 heads and a flat tappet cam, 1. valve springs are too strong, 2. valve springs are ok to use with a flat tappet cam . i honestly have no idea what to do now as far as valve springs go