What chip should i get?

With my mods (nitrous especially), I think it would be a good idea to get a tune. I will also be purchasing the Accufab plenum/throttle body before I get the tune most likely. I really am torn between which chip to get! I definitely need AT LEAST a 2 stage chip because I hate driving around at 8 degrees timing when I'm not using my nitrous. I can definitely feel the timing being at 8 during everyday driving, when before I got the n2o it was at 14.

I'll stop rambling now, so in a nutshell, which dual stage chip would be the best to get? I will also keep on modding my car after I get the chip.
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Admin Dude
Feb 8, 2003
Anaheim, CA
well i know that diablo sport offers a toggle switch for their chip so you can have it in 3 positions.

ON Tune 1
ON Tune 2

you can switch between the 2 tune on the fly, but to turn the chip off you have to shut your car off.

i dunno if any other companies offer a toggle switch for a chip with multiple tunes.