what do you guys think about porting stock efi heads?


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Jan 3, 2004
calgary, canada
I would like a little more power out of my car without spending too much money. I was thinking about getting my heads ported with bigger valves.
what size of valves should i go with and what brand? also what valve springs shall i go with, cause im sure their worn with 240,000kms on them. What kind of price range would i be looking at to getting this done ?
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May 15, 2002
I have a set of thumpers I will be selling in about 1 month. They have about 5000 miles on them, They have up graded springs for up to .600 lift and cobra 1.7 roller rockers, These heads do very well! Mike has well over 300 sets out there and all his customers have been very happy. My buddy has a stock bottom end 302 with thumpers with e cam and cobra intake he ran 12.24 @ 112 mph on a 100 shot of nitrous he is adding the 150 shot nozzle and he will see 11's Cool isnt it!


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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
I saw someone talking a posting of Thumper heads for $250, witch is alot less than what I would give mine up for. New with springs they are about $600, without upgraded springs less than $500. You could port them yourself but it's going to be hard to beat Thumper's skills and experience. Just grinding off the EGR bumps is supposed to make a good difference.