What H/C/I kit is for me


New Member
Oct 1, 2005
I have a bone stock 1991 5.0 with 51000 original miles. I want to buy a H/C/I package for it. I live in maryland so smog is a must. I don't want to pull the motor to rebuild it yet. So what would be the best package for a stock bottom end and that has provissions for smog? links would be great. Thanks Travis
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performer heads and E cam might sneek past the sniffers, not really certain on that however the performer heads do have provisions for the air tube fitting and if not mistaken the Ecam is cert friendly. Intake shouldn't be a factor in emissions and likely a performer again would suit nicely.
yep.. Perfomer 6037's where on my car for a fe years, with a steeda#18 cam(not at all the best for passing smog) cobra intake, and all the goodies. I passed smog back in 98 when we still had it down here just by throwing the catalytic h-pipe back on... No tricks or anything and the combo was pretty stout