What is the Best Throttle Body and Plenum


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May 13, 2005
I Have a 2000 Roush Stage 2, I have been out of what is going on for a year or so and just got spring fever and want to do some mods, It is getting 3.73s put in in a few weeks other than that just all the fun Roush Stuff, Accufab is the way to go but Just want to know your input. I want to at Nitro at some point. And will The 75mm TB work fine for my app. I am also going to install a off road X pipe soon as well. Any help would be great Thanks!!! :shrug: :shrug:
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dollar per power the dragon 75mm and plenum is the most cost effective (if there is such a thing). the accufab has been proven to make 1-2 more but i think it was around 100 more. was not worth it for me, so i got the dragon combo. your call really