What new wheels and tires should I get?


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Jan 10, 2007
I have a 66 and i want fat nice tires, but dont want huge fat drack radials, but i dont want skinny pizza cutter tires either. What are sum good tires that will look nice and be good for nice launch off on the street? also if anyone knows a website where i can order sum nice lookin wheels tha'd be sweet too. thanx
OH! and where i can order sum nice air shocks for cheap....
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NewstalgiaWheels sells wheel and tire combos that fit classic Mustangs - http://www.newstalgiawheel.com/products.asp

But keep in mind there is more to ordering wheels and tires then picking out the wheels that you like. You have to take into consideration the wheel diameter, width and backspacing.

Tell us a little more about your car, and the plan for your car, and we can steer you in the right direction.

thanx for the welcome. Yah, I wanted to get sum good ideas as far as combos and that is a pretty good website. As far as a plan for my car i dont really have a solid one. I need new suspension in the back very badyly so i wanted to look at new tires and then look at new suspension stuff that would go well with the choice of tire i get. Also i want shocks becuase i want it to sit a couple inches higher in the rear (right now everything is stock). I know i need new springs really badyly cuz i think my rear end is sitting lower than it should be. I just want new rear gear and new tires that will get me movin a little quicker and so that i wont have problems with real old suspension later. excuse the inexperience. im not rich but im willin to pay what it takes to have good suspension and wheels that i wont have to worry about for a long time. any tips and ideas would be great. thanx