What next? have i really done everything?


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Jan 20, 2008
i want more HP out of this thing. almost 110k miles on her... Perfect mechanical condition..

O/r H
Eibach springs
Tokico shocks
K&N, plenum and TB
Short shifter
93 octane tuner
3:73 gears
...all fluids new...i mean what else is left? is there anyway to squeeze out more HP with out nitrous or FI?
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alright i'm saving up for some pulleys. as far as heads and cams..way too much money, i might as well supercharge at that point. i am happy with the performance of my GT..i just wanted a little more pep. hopefully the pulleys do a lil' sumthin sumthin'
not much with the pulleys, i dumped mine when i swapped motors. to me all they really did was make the engine rev a LITTLE quicker. i wouldnt waste the money. just do the cams, hell after the tune youll net 45-55hp, i cant wait till i do mine. really though, you havent spent any money "yet" you have to pay to play. $=hp hp=satisfaction
but but hes only wanting more pep out of it, i would go with cams, springs, and tune then see how you like it. if you want more the p&p the heads, or throw a set of LTs on it first before having head work done, (i.e. p&p) but the cams headers etc. is definitly good for 60hp
its just that i'm looking at spending almost 2800 for cams.. 600 for cams plus springs/retainers.. plus installation..just seems pretty steep. i could just supercharge or find a supercharger gently used for that price. i'm happy with the performance i get though to be honest..its just that lateley i've been feeling.. meh; whats a few more HP. i just want a little more.

as far as 4:10 gears.. i'm getting almost 240 Miles a tank mixed highway/city driving it pretty hard..thats the best i've seen on any of my friends mustangs; heck im spending the same money on gas i did when i got my jetta i really dont wanna risk it.

Longtubes are sounding like a good idea though. maybe long tubes and pulleys? both should aid in gas mileage and be relativley cheap im thinking.

When i get out of Army BMT i'm gonna spend some money on her.