What should I expect?


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Aug 4, 2002
Palm Bay Fl
I am getting the SCT X-Calibrator 2 and on a stock car it shows about 15 rwhp and 18 tq. My question is, with my exhaust, intake, udp's and an increase in timing. It should show more than that right. Atleast 20+? This will be a dyno tune also
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Mar 2, 2003
Sea of Tranquility
Yeah I know, it's not even actually released yet. Suppose to be Tuesday
I'm taking a guess but I bet it won't be much more than a regular SCT chip so someone with your similar mods could probably answer your question. The X-calibrator has more adjustable parameters and is upgradeable from your computer which makes it so appealing. As you mod you can simply upload your new combo and download a new program.
I currently have an Xcal now, though i will be updating to the xcal2 when it comes out, the only difference really between the two is the ability to datalog w/o the raptor which for some reason is no longer avail. How much power you get out of it really depends on the Tuners ability and knowledge. Kauffmans Motorsports is a perfect example, they were able to eek out more HP than my previous tuner with the same mods. But either way make sure they tune your car on a dyno with a wideband 02. Good luck!