What size and how many splines is the clutch??


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Feb 17, 2002
West Palm Beach
I've got an 87 turbocoupe flywheel, And a new ram pressure plate for that flywheel, I'll be using a T5 out of a 92 2.3 Mustang.... How many splines is that tranny, and what size is the disc for that flywheel, I want to buy today, and can't get to a parts store for comparison until late next week. Thanks guys !
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Could go with RAM, to match your pressure plate....I think Spec might have a clutch as well. Both prolly pretty 'spensive, though. You could also try a LuK clutch - it's what I have, looks pretty solid. I think Stinger is running one as well. www.dialaclutch.com

No stinger is running the clutch that I wish I had... It's an 8 puck I beleive.... One side is like a ceramic, the other something odd, like kevlar or some other fiber material.... Should last forever... And grabs really good too.... Some guy on turboford was making them, but I dont think I can get one anymore....