what spring compressor?

fox chassis with springs in stock location. h&r race spec (1200lbs if i remember correctly) springs. appear to be rather difficult to compress. have tried jacking control arm with springs in place, but they slip on isolators. what spring compressor will fit these internally? please help before i tear my face or a hand off!

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Personally I hate internal compressors, I find they are a PITA to get in and out. They make some external ones that should work for you.

Also, instead of using the jack to raise the arm, try raising the car, putting a solid support (jack stand) under the arm, and lowering the car SLOWLY with the floor jack. That is how I change springs....granted that is with a tri-pod and a lift, but it works fine even with stock (taller) springs.
OR, you can do what I did, and I think what the factory does.....

There should be a hole in the control arm right in front of the spring, if you are looking at the same angle as your picture. Stick a piece of SOLID cylindrical metal, like a stake, in the hole so it prevents the spring from coming out of the control arm. Use the "lower the car with the control arm supported" method and BE CAREFUL. It worked out fine for me though, just don't be careless and have a freak accident. If you want piece of mind, strap the spring to the frame or somewhere else with something. If it pops out, at least it won't hit you in the face and kill you.
The best thing to use is the proper "Ford" tool as called out by the Factory Service manual. That's the OTC tool:

View attachment 325202

More & bigger pics: http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/tmp/OTC-spring-tool/

Although note that you must install the springs with the car lying on it's side. ;)
Yea, I'm too lazy to rotate the picture. :)

Also, I found that it was easiest to use the spring compressor AND the "MFE" method of dropping the FCA. But, I like using 2 screw jacks to align the FCA arms with the k-frame. I first fully compress the spring, and then I use the screw jacks to set and align the FCA properly with the k-frame. Let the tools do the work! :)

Bigger Pic: http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/tmp/OTC-spring-tool/original/DSCN1967.html

Also, don't forget to properly index the spring - spring tail between the two alignment holes!
View attachment 325205
Bigger Pic: http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/tmp/OTC-spring-tool/original/DSCN1964.html
I compressed mine outside of the car, put heavy cable/clamps in three spots to hold the spring in a compressed state, slid them in (one side at a time) jacked the control arm up until it was tight, then undid the clamps. Probably not remotely safe, but it sure was easy :D
you know i have to trust a martini drinking dog! ... and you also mr 2birdstang... i already own 2 external clamps and they don't appear to like the idea of holding onto these springs. 1200lbs, remember? ... i'm going to buck up the $235 and buy an otc compressor. will let you know how this works out.


Yeah I shelled out the Bucks for mine too, but it was worth every penny!