What to do?

I'm hung up. I bought a 98 short block 45,000ish with stock complete npi heads, head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, plennum gasket, stock plennum w/ throttle body, npi intake, pi cams and also new factory head bolts. i bought all this cause my current 97 motor is junk and this 98 motor is cherry and i got a good price on it.

I have a pi intake that isn't installed.

( can someone send me a list pi swap parts of what i need besides the gaskets, heads, and intake manifold)

i'm putting in the new short block but people have suggested that
1. i use the 98npi heads and put the pi cams in them or go to aftermarket cams. put the pi intake manifold on with the adapter plates. stay stock compression
2. use the 98npi heads have them milled and use the pi cams. which i'd want 10.1-10.5 compression.
3. buy the pi heads w/ stock cams which would raise the compression to like 10.1-10.5. and use the pi intake of course. then eventually put cams in it. probably 270's w/springs.

now for the problem. i'm a poor student that's addicted to get my motor running but faster. i have the 98 motor in my apartment on a stand. i'm just stuck on what to do. i'm not made of money but i want to make of the performance i have or the make the most sense for the buck. i have alot of different routes i can take it's i want opinions on what to do. thanks
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