What would you suggest for a motor?


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Jul 22, 2002
St Petersburg FL
Alright, Im thinking of what I should put in my 85 GT when I get stationed nest year. My spending budget is about 4-5K thats a safe guess, im sure Ill have a little more to spend.

Goals for the car.

N/A beat some LS1's with some bolt ons

and eventually with boost: All I want is a 9.99 time slip while remaning streetable. And Ill be doing that with a turbo.

What would you suggest? low comp 331? 302? What?
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I was thinking about running a 331 or a 347 and a 351 finally makes sense. It will pass smog and it has the cubic inches. It has a 4 bolt main so you can run a bunch of power through it. Because if you build a 331 or a 302 or 347 with a stock block then you cant push much over 400 with out it possible cracking on you. And unless you have 2K to fork over for a dart Iron eagle block and still have to get it honed and bored then I dont know.

I hope what i said helped. Good luck
go the cheaper route and buy a seriously bulletproof 302. Dont worry about strokers, if you're gonna get turbo, spend your money on a strong built 302 with a racing block, then spend the rest of the money you would have spent on the stroker on porting your heads and intake. There may not be a replacement for displacement, but a good substitute is definately FLOW
not all 351s are 4 bolt mains, at least im pretty sure. A seriously bullet proof 302 would consist of nothing less than a r-block or dart block. You should be able to purchase an r based long block with the budget taht you have to spend. But expect to fork out a bit more.

Once you get started, 4-5k doesnt go as far as you think it will. Im about where your budget is, and thats only my long block, intake and trans setup.
$4,000-$5,000 is enough to get you a nice shortblock.
My DSS 408 Windsor shortblock minus cam was around $4,200 with custom Venolia pistons, 4340 forged crank, Hbeam rods, MSS, Windage Tray.

A $5,000 budget is not very much. Your going to have to stick with a 302 and get a good bottom end then shoot nitrous down to the 9's.