What's new for 2006 Mustang GT?

I know about the new colors and 18" wheels:

With 06 production just a few months away, you'd think there would be more news. Maybe Ford is being tight-lipped for a reason. Or maybe the 06 GT will be much the same as the 05... not a bad thing. It's just that my trigger finger is getting itchy, but I'd rather wait for an SE if one is coming soon.

Yes, I know about the 07 Shelby GT500. But I'd really like another Mach... a n/a 5.4L would be great. Even without a bigger engine, they could make a Mach pretty easy. Just use the GT500 brakes & suspension with 18" wheels & performance tires and a CDC-like shaker hood.
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This topic probably belongs over in the 2005 talk section. There have been several threads there covering this.

No changes to the 06 GT other than 2 new paint colors and optional 18" wheels & tires.

Why would Ford bother to make any changes? 05 GT production was essentially sold out by May 1st.