Whats wrong with my car?


Jun 3, 2004
Stockton 209
When i first start it up in the morning or daytime.. if i rev the engine to about 3k then let off the gas it dies..its not cold.. its hot as hell in the morning even hotter in the daytime.. so can someone help me out..

another ?. what can i do to fix my broken gas guage? its stays past the F :D
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Wait, your engine is hot in the morning when you start it up? That seems a little wierd to me. If that is the case then perhaps there is something wrong with your temperature gauge. As far as your fuel guage problem goes, I have the same problem. My guage stays up above F all the time except for when I am at about 1/8 or less. So basically, until I get it fixed I just try to keep mine above F. As far as fixing it goes, Im pretty sure that the fuel guage sending unit is in the tank near the fuel pump. Now, Im not positive that it is at this location, but Im pretty sure. You should be able to fairly easily replacing the sending unit your problem should be fixed. The only hard part about this process in draining your gas, dropping your tank, taking out your fuel pump assembly and then re-assembling everything properly. Thats all I know. Good luck though.
Drain the gas by filling up the car, use the odometer, and run the car about 300 to 320 miles that is a good estimate for a tank on the 2.3l N/A. Drop the tank and then replace the sender. Dont try and do it the easy way and drop a full tank it will fall pretty quick. :rlaugh: Good Luck!!

BTW This is #400 I am suprised it is useful :D