Whats wrong with my rear?


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Sep 22, 2004
i havent taken the cover off yet but what do you guys think is wrong with it? i went to the track on sunday and was launching hard all day with et streets...hookin great and everything..i am running moser axles and rebuilt trac lock...on my last run near the end of the track i heard a clumping noise( if you can imagine a clumping noise) in the drivetrain mainly in the rear....and it does it as im rolling...i went to put it in reverse and it goes in gear but the rear seemed like it was locked up...then a gave it a little more gas and was able to free it up?? what does that sound like?? the diff? ring and pinion? spyder gears ?what would be my prob...i dont think its the tranny cause its a tko 600 and i dont have nearly 600 ftlbs torque either
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Prepare yourself for another set of gears too, there is a good possiblity some chunks may have fubared your ring gear.

I heard a noise (loud and abrupt) in the rear of my car last week. I was trying to start moving forward while on a hill. The noise occurred and the tranny seemed a little hard to shift. Now it feels fine but if I do a burnout, I only have one stripe. I'm guessing track loc but I haven't heard any more noises. Do you think it would be messing up my gears if I can't hear anything going on in the rear?
lxwants12's said:
i think you def messed something up...is there a constant noise now?? either way just take the cover off and check it out before something else happens

No there is no noise right now. I'll take the cover off tomorrow after work. By God's grace and mercy, nothing else will be wrong.
yea hope it works out for u too..i have a constant noise and i feel like a clicking too..so im screwed somehow..just hopin its either the differential or gears..rather it be the differential so i can upgrade to a nice unit..would suck if its the gears..cause ima upgrade the diff anywayz but would hate to have to buy the gears again...cause im not gonna change the ratio