Wheel help?

Guys, I'm thinking about getting some new wheels and tires for the 05. If I go with the chrome gt500 wheels they will be 18x9.5 all the way around. Do you guys know what size tires will give the car a little less of a gap but not be too wide, because I still want to lower it a little. Also mustang tuning sells some fr500 wheels in 18x10 with a deep dish that are for 94-04 stangs but would look sick on the rear of an 05 with the 18x9 non deep dish on the front. Do you guys know if I could put them on a 05 and how they would look? I want a squatty stance with the rear tires even or maybe barely inside the rear fenderwell but no rubbing. BTW anybody got any pics of the 18 inch deep dish bullits on a 05-06? thanks
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brdman not trying to steal your thread but, I have a wheel question as welll and just combining them. i am looking for deep dish 17 or 18 bullits (the painted grey to match my 17" stock bullits) I want to hook some wide street tires on back to give it a serious attitude! Any info would be helpful thanks!