Wheel limitations with front coilovers?


Founding Member
Oct 20, 2001
South Jersey
Whats up guys, I've got MMR coilovers up front on my coupe with a 14" spring. Right now I've got 15x3.5 ProStars up front and i'm thinkin about going with a wider wheel all the way around like a 17x9 Cobra wheel. I had a set of '95 waffles on there while i was cleaning up the skinnys and the tire was rubbing on the coilover spring so i just put spacers on so i could move the car around but now i'm concerned with if i go to the Cobras. I have Mark VII rotors up front if that affects it at all but i wanted to get some input from anyone running a coilover and a wider wheel up front if theres any interference problems or if i should just run a smaller tire like a 225 up front or something? any input is appreciated. thanks

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