Wheel pic request


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Apr 29, 2004
Medicine Hat, AB
Yesterday I was scouring AmericanMuscle.com and found these 2010 GT500 wheels available for 94 and up Mustangs. The only customer picture on there is 99-04.


Wondering if anybody has a picture of them on a 94 - 98.... simply because I'm really unsure of how they will sit on our cars

I've searched quite a bit, haven't found anything

Thanks in Advance!
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go to streetcarforums.com and go o the atlanta section, then go to the for sale section, there should be a grey sn95 car forsale with those same exact wheels.

btw they look really good. I would put the link up but i cant access streetcarforums.com
Not loving those wheels on the gray...

See, that's something for me too, since my car is darkshadow grey with a black top.

I DO like it but I'm still unsure....know what I mean? I keep thinking about the Chrome since I just got rid of my 03 Cobra's for gunmetal Saleens. I wouldn't mind having something else on the side, like the chrome versions of these wheels

Ahhhh I don't know what I want, dammit
Personally, I love the look of the hypercoated wheels on a gray car. But from what I have heard the finish goes to s*** on them pretty quick.

But, what do I know? I still have the stock crappy aluminum three spoke curb rashed abominations with worn out Eagle F1s sitting in my in-laws garage :(
i love those wheels but yeah they don't go with that color car. I've never been a fan of all black wheels so i still think the machined with black inserts would look much better.