wheels and tires


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Mar 28, 2006
I have a 95 GT convertible, Lowered 2 inches, Its time for tires and wheels and I would like to fill the rear wheel wells. I would like to run 17" wheels but dont know what width or offset, same for the front. I don't care if the front and rear are the same size.
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1.) Welcome to StangNet!!!

2.) The search function on here will help you more than you'll ever know.

3.) You CAN run up to an 11" wide rim and 315 tires without modification. I run a 17" x 10.5" wheel out back, with 315/35/17's. It fills the well insanely nice. I believe the offset is +24mm. Up front (17" x 9") I believe it's +27mm. Don't quote me on that, though.
EXTRPR50 said:
Justin, where did u get the wheels? In a package, with tires? Those are the ones I want.

I bought the 4 wheels off of Partshopper on :SNSign: (Pro3 Industries). Got a good deal. Think I paid $490 shipped for the set. I don't think they carry them on there anymore (in this size), though. Tires were seperate.

You can find them several other places, though. Someone in this section (not sure who) just recently bought some off eBay and they look great. Maybe they'll chime in. Also, I think Paul (Ram000) recently bought some, too .... but not sure where.