Hi everyone. Ok I have a 66 project in full restro bodies stripped ready to paint. Only rust was in the floors body was straight so a great buy. Anyway, tires n rims. I'm going with a Ridetect front and rear suspenion kit from CJ- pony parts with looking at a 1 to 2 inch drop, see how she sits, but Rims and tires options. Looking for a fat rear and skinny on the front. Road cruiser not a racer. I've read the 205/60/15 up to 225/45/17 threads and thinking with a 1 to 2 inch drop could I get away with a 235/45/16 on the rear tire with a 16/8 and a 205/45/16 on a 16/7 on the front. Any pictures of you guys setup would be great. thank you Christie.
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