Where can I get an X-pipe for a Roush???


New Member
Feb 25, 2004
Just wondering where I might go online (or if you are in the Chicago area- where I can go in person) to find an X-Pipe without converters for a Roush stage 2- I currently have an H-Pipe with converters- and want to get the X to free a few hp and make a throatier sound without the cats- I'm open for any suggestions- Thanks in Advance!!! :flag:
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Firemanz said:
Yep. I think it's even louder because of the tips being right under the door. I might be hard of hearing next time we hang out so talk loud...... :nice:

:rlaugh: I know what you mean! Mines pretty loud too! I get a headache when I drive between San Antonio and Austin going home or back to school. :bang: its a good headche though, wouldnt want it any other way :nice: