Where to get new fuel lines?


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Dec 19, 2006
i have a 92 notch that was a 4-cylinder conversion, who ever did the conversion cut some corners. and the fuel lines are pretty rigged up. i was wondering who would make pre-fabbed fuel lines. i dont really want factory 5liter lines. i would like to have custom braided lines from the tank up to the fuel rail. cause all im going to use this notch for is drag-racing. everything on the car is nice except the fuel lines. any input would be greatly appreciated!
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Maryland Stang

Active Member
Aug 21, 2002
Greenville, NC
You're going to need some way to attach the -AN fittings back at the tank. The fuel lines attach to the tank via "duckbill" fittings and there are no adapters available that I could find. The best that you can do is have someone braize the aluminum -AN fittings to the factory steel lines that come up out of the tank.

At the front of the car there are numerous -AN fittings available to attach braided fuel lines to the engine's fuel lines.

You'll have to decide if it's worth all of the effort or not. The stock lines are sufficient for a whole lot of horsepower and it's not something many people are likely to ever see.

If you want to get factory lines they have them at www.50resto.com. The duckbill fittings and nylon hose can be had at www.ronmorrisperformance.com.

To replace all of your fuel lines with factory style lines should run in the neighborhood of $350.