Where to get the rear......


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Jun 21, 2007
College Station,TX
As some of you know I got the Mach 1 now and Ive been looking online for the black rear deck panel between the tail lights,Ive found them at a couple places for $200ish,but I thought that I saw them a few months back for something like 60-80$ but cant remember where.Anyone know the cheapest place online to get them,I know I can get the vinyl kind but was looking for the plastic type like the honeycomb.Also there is this white gt running around town with that panel,but it doesnt have the honeycomb design...its just flat any ideas where online to find those too?Thx.
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LRS has them for $185. Personally, I would either go with the matte vinyl or paint it. I believe there is a place on eBay that sells a vinyl magnet that is precut to fit the area. Well, I know they sell them for the S197s at least. They might not have them for our New Edge cars since there are more contours and curves in that area.