where to go now?


The 5 Minute Plan Man
Jun 10, 2004
I've taken care of the interior in the car, bolted my H/C/I on it.. and all thats just groovy.. i'm getting it painted soon and gettin 3.55's put in in a bit.. but now im lost.. i dont know what i want to do with the car now! whats there next to do? i have suspension taken care of with my 5 lug conversion just needs wheels then it goes on.. the only thing i can think of trying to buy is a DS loop and a aluminum drive shaft.. im stumped. Where to go now?

mods are as follows
Typhoon intake
FMS 24# inj
C&L maf meter
BBK 70mm TB and EGR spacer
Crane 2021 cam
Crane valve spring kit
Ported E7's
Hedman Longtubes
Electric fan
FRPP smog delete
Kirban FPR
SMR subframes
Maxspeed lowering springs
BBK insulators
Pro 5.0 shifter
Zoom clutch and flywheel kit
Prothane Motor mounts
BBK o/r X
40 Flows

waiting to go on:
96 5-lug
04 cobra brakes
magnaflow kit
just help out here.. the only things i can think of will cost me out the ass.. maybe AFR's?
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i looked at the Anderson PMS unit on ebay.. its the 06.. looked sweet.. i will probably get that at one point. I think i have just about all i can squeeze out of the car with E7's.. its on a rail like it is, 18* and plenty of fuel.. it makes the HP for just a port job E7's.. and with some AFR's.. it will add some big gains if i ran 58cc to bump compression. it all depends on my summer.. how much i make this year.. etc. I will buy the rims this summer, then run along from there. Probably save up half for the AFR's and get my dad to help me with the rest