Which heads to buy????


Jul 31, 2003
im looking to buy some heads but i would like to know which set of heads work the best with blower aplications im looking for better heads now but later be able to slap on a blower what heads to buy? tick flow? gt40p? elderbrock??? afr?? can someone tell me the best for a blower setup. also which roller rockers to get? and maybe a cam
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Pretty broad topic. You may want to narrow it down a bit- how many #of boost do you want to push through them? What's your HP/ET goal? Any heads will work well with a blower if they are prepped and set up right, including the stock ones. It's all about how much you want to spend, and what you'll be satisfied with. Thumper can port you some stock E7's to really run hard for cheap, relatively speaking. For the money, Trick Flows are hard to beat. If you have enough money, AFR's from Ed Curtis and one of his cams will really put you back in the seat. A Holley Systemmax II kit is supposed to be great for forced induction, and pretty impressive N/A too- but now you're really getting up there in the $.
You didn't specify if you had an upgraded intake yet either- which is essential to building a powerfull H/C/I package, blown or otherwise. Also, another thing to consider is that the best heads for blowers (with the exception of the Trick Flows) will require you to change or flycut your pistons to fit the bigger valves. There is a lot to making a package work "best", and most of it depends on your budget and your intentions.
ok i decided i want to go all motor instead blower cause headachs. i want at least 300-400hp and ill be satified. i just want to be able to reach 400 later one when i can get the money for it all. so what heads do you suggest now?? the afrs i heard add around 100hp but they are expensive. is trick flow just as good?
i have a set of AFR 185 street legals on my vert. I am soon going to be running a good deal of boost through them, but for the time being they are quite nice. i did a before and after dyno and was about 100hp with them and AFR recommends running the Edelbrock RPM intake. Thats my combo and its a killer, can't wait for the boost.
I would say go with the AFR 185's cause later on down the road when you replace the shortblock the 185's will work well with pretty much any stroker or overbore. If you have mass-air or a carb change the cam while your in there. New intake/carb.
Don't forget about the exhaust though.

Blowers seem like alot of work to do them right. You want low compression dommed pistons, and the camshaft decision is ideal.
No one likes the edelbrock aluminum heads? I am in the processing of also buying heads. I plan on running a stage one tf cam with edelbrock heads. No intake besides the stock one for now.