Which seats are more comfortable

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I'm still wondering if anyone has tried the pleather ones from Summit for 200 a piece...

No, but I just stripped my interior (and engine bay and under chassis) and installed the $30 Summit racing seats....good GOD they're light, especially compared to the heavy ass power seats that were in my car.

I didn't weigh them, but I'd guess that each Summit seat with aluminum brackets weighs 10lbs at most, compared to at least 30lbs for the stockers.
a guy i just met over the weekend had them in his 95 kb'd car. He said he really liked them and for the price they were great. They looked real nice too but you have to fabricate your own seat brackets.
I want the 03 Cobra Seats...incredible, I tell ya. Sat in one the other day and the feeling in the seats was incredible.

Side note, yes that cobra was the fastest car I've ever been in...the guy that owns it is well into his 50's, finished paying for his son's university, owns a gas station, and has nothing better to do with his money except drop it into this SVT....last dyno netted him 629 hp....