Which Springs

I have a windveil blue GT, and I am about to spend about 1500 on the suspension to include
BMR upper and lower adjustable cont. arms
BMR subframe conectors
BMR panhard bar
I just can't decide which springs to get, I heard the Steedas are pretty good with the D-specs, or I was thinking of going with BMRs 1.25 front 1.75 rear, or 1.50 front and 2.0 rear.
What do you think would be best, I am planning on it making the car a hot street machine, occasional strip time. Please don't comment just because you recognize a brand name and think you know what your talking about.
Semper Fi
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My suggestion would be the following:

Find out what the spring rate is for both brands that you are considering, and then find out what dampening range the D-Specs work best within. If you can't find these specs with Google, I'd bet the techs at Tokico can answer your questons or make suggestions.

I am sure that somewhere on this forum both combos have been done, so you can compare those subjective ratings too.

I have only had experience with Eibach springs, and not on Mustangs, but for what it's worth, they are a good product if you were to consider them too.

Hope it helps.