Roush which way should I go with my engine mods?


Apr 13, 2005
I am looking to get some big HP from my 02 S281 N/A. I know to do that I will have to have the engine ripped apart and rebuilt from the ground up and then get a super charger. Would it be cheaper having somebody do that or would it be cheaper to purchase a 03/04 SVT Cobra engine and have then installed into my car. I was checking ebay and right now there is some guy that has two complete cobra motors from 03/04 and once at 6K and the other at 8K since it has 500 miles on it. He says they come with everything you need (computer, etc...) to install except the 6 speed tranny. Will that cobra engine bolt up to my 3650 5 spd? or do you have to swap that to a t 56? Thanks.
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Dont do the Cobra motor... the above post is right if your going to dump that kind of cashola into the car theres lots of theings you can do. DSSRacing has a full forged motor guaranteed to 700 HP for 2999.00 or MPH will build you a killer setup. 600 + HP If you go Cobra what do you have when your done? 390 HP ... :( and an 8000.00 + hole in your pocket book. If the almight dolloar was available I think I would be looking at a twin turbo setup and major engine mods to handle 20 pnds of boost.
Cool thanks for the tips. I just thought that the cobra motor was gods gift to mustangs since everybody brags about them so much. I guess i didnt check into it enough to realize that a 2v can be built up to a pretty sweet setup.