White gauge questions


New Member
Mar 14, 2006
Just got a 1987 Mustang GT Vert and want to get the white face gauges. Where can I buy for my specific car or do I have to buy with a higher MPH and get car re-callibrated? If so, where do you have that done?

Thanks: K
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Mustangs Unlimited and Year One show that they have 85mph white face conversion kits, but for some reason they are quite a bit more than the 140 kits. If you put a 140 face on an 85 speedo then the speedo would have to be sent in to a speedo shop to be recalibrated to the new face.

Some other options you have would be to find a 140 black face speedo and convert the face. No calibration would be necessary or find an already converted white face speedo.