Who makes a better Drag Slick?? Hoosier or M/T?


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Jan 20, 2002
I want to run a 26X10 Drag slick. Wheels are 15X10's with 6.5BS

Which brand is better?

And will I notice a difference in 60 ft over my current 27X10.50 Hoosier QTP's? Which was a best of 1.61
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I like the Hoosier at over 110 the car doesnt get squirly on the top end. M/T seems to not hook as well for me anyways. It is prolly a matter of opinion. Hoosier works for me.

Depending on your gearing will determine if the 26's will get you a better 60ft than the 27's. I have a 3.55 gear and spinning the 27's I got a best of a lousy 1.77. I need to drop it to a 26.

Good luck to ya :nice:
I have had good luck with both M/T ET drags and Goodyears. Both hooked well on my car. As mentioned above, your 60' time will be dependant on your setup. I also got a 1.61 with 26x10 ET Drags, put some 28x9" Goodyears and couldn't get better than a 1.68 with the same setup.
I have run both M/T and Hoosier. I like them both and I think they are both good tires. You won't go wrong with either one.

Usually a drag slick will 60' just a tad better than a dot slick. It is really dependant on your setup.