Why shouldnt I get a tubo on my 86gt


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Feb 13, 2002
Why shouldnt I get a turbo on my 86gt

Drove a guys turbo car the other day and what rush. I love that feeling. Anybody done a custom job? I believe I've seen some aftermarket kits but those were more expensive than a SC.
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Turbo is the way to go. However about these kits; can't just buy them in one box like a supercharger or nitrous. You usually have to put in a order first, down payment and they "custom make" each one and send it to you slowly. I have heard nightmares about them and it's very rare to hear about one going smoothly. Most have to go through all kinds of things modifing many parts.

I'm thinking turbo myself, but I'm going to buy the lengths of mandrel bends and pipe and weld it myself. A whole lot cheaper, a whole lot smoother. I have scene many home made kits, worked just as well; usually better. Really there is nothing to them, SC's are a lot more complex.

Don't forget, no poweradder worth anything is just a "bolt on" You"drill, tapp, re-arrange, re-configure, re-do, tune, re-tune then bolt on" then you "break off" things.