why wont these fit EFI?

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Easy, just get an intake spacer and the upper/TB will clear. Whether or not the intake will clear the hood is another question. Either that, or I think you can do the fox throttle body swap and then it would work without a spacer...I think.
They might have the old style mount surface that does not work with the metal core valve cover gasket as the VC's need a special base/mount surface to work properly.

I know my 90 bronco (although it was EFI) had covers like that and would not work with the metal core gaskets. Mybe ford just puts that on there to cover all the bases?
The interference is with the throttle linkage bracket. I have a 1 inch spacer and EGR eliminator plate and that allowed me to use tall covers like that. The EGR elim. allowed the bracket to be moved enough so it didn't contact the cover. That's how I did it.
In my car, it doesn't hit the alternator, but in order to access one of the valve cover bolts, you need to swing the alternator out of the way.

But that's with a 351...could be different with a 302.
They work on my car. I have a GT-40 intake with a 1" spacer, deleted my egr (with a 3/4" delete plate), fox throttle body conversion, and those valve covers. It is very close on both sides. The fox throttle bracket is actually rubbing the valve cover and the vacuum lines on the other side are almost touching, but they do work. I just use the cork gaskets for a small block ford and I have never had them leak. I actually have to use a rubber hammer and rag to get them broken loose from the heads.