Why you shouldn't leave your dog alone inside your car

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Much worse could have happened. At my dealership we had a customer that left her puppy alone for 20 minutes in her brand new Highlander. She came back to find every seat and door panel chewed, along with the e-brake handle and the steering wheel. Over $10,000 worth of damage. The car had less than 1,000 miles on it. :nonono:
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Dogs who know better will try to hold it in as long as they can, but when they have no more control it just f'n EXPLODES and, as you can see, goes everywhere :doh: Had it happen before in the house, but thankfully not in a car. Phew.
The only car that I've ever seen that was nastier than that was the Myth Busters dead pig Corvette.

And BTW, that boxer takes the award for best example of Explosive DI-AAAAH-REEEEEE-AAAAA!!!!! :nice: