wierd noise from fuel rail


New Member
Dec 7, 2009
so ive got a hissing sound coming from my fuel lines right where they connect to the fuel rail passenger side, took me forever to figure out where it was coming from, sounds just like a vacuum leak but when i push the line towards the fuel rail the noise stops, i have no gas leaking anywhere no fuel smell.
its not affecting fuel pressure in any way.

could i be sucking air into my fuel rail, btw car is running super rich now like burn your eyeballs rich

any thoughts?
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The rails are pretty high pressure, so if that was leaking it would be squirting.

When you push on the line to the rail it stops, the only thing you are doing is pushing the connecting line, that pushes the rail, that pushes the injectors. The only thing that makes sense (and never heard of it) is a dried up oring on an injector allowing a vacuum leak that you stop with pushing on the rail???