Will 98 Cobra Complete Top-End Fit 98 GT?


Adhesive Feces
Mar 31, 2005
Arlington, TX
A friend of mine with a 98 Cobra just made me an offer that's REALLY hard to refuse...$600 for the whole top end of his engine. I was wondering if it would all bolt up to the GT 2V block. He said he'd give me everything I need to make it work (???): Cobra heads, intake manifold, plenum/throttle body, FRPP shorty headers, etc.

Does this sound like a good deal? Will this work at all? Will it be too much work?

He's selling because he is buying 03 Cobra heads/intake/etc.

I'm a newbie when it comes to innards of engines, so please help me out :SNSign:! Thannnnnks!
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Well considereing you will need new pistons, crank and flywheel as the CR will be different. Of course you will need a different alternator, coolant tubes, timing chain cover.

Also make sure he gives you mthe injectors as well and you will need to modify the harness.
It can be done.....and $600 isn't a bad price for all of the top end, but just make sure your friend knows exactly what is entailed when he said he was willing to give you "everything I need to make it work!"
For this swap to work "properly" he will need
4V throttle body
4v intake
24 lb/hr injectors
4V heads with cams You can use an IMRC delete and epoxy the holes and tune the car
New pistons as the cr is now different
4V crank(you are now constantly revving over 6500-6800) where as the GT you don't
4V flywheel as the GT of that year has a 6 bolt flywheel and the 4V has an 8 bolt
Timing chain and secondary chains/covers
Coolant crossover tube the 4V is different
4V alternator
modify the harness

I believe there are a few other odds and ends but this is pretty much the list Bill Putnam suggested years ago and why we 4V guys recommend a new motor verse a headswap.
the best bet for a 4V swap is getting a 4v out of a mark 8 and then using that as your starting point. I already have a running good condition donor car I bought for 600 bucks. Right now I am thinking of fixing the air ride in it and driving it untill I get another stang.

Hey Mike, you might not want to go back to a Mustang after driving that thing. :D My dad picked on up shortly after I bought the blower for my Cougar and it almost makes me wish I hadn't. I'd much rather be driving it, than my car.

That top end rush (and exhaust note :drool: )of the DOHC and all those creature comforts might just turn you onto the big luxobarge.

If the air ride is too far gone, you might consider swapping out to a set of these....http://cgi.ebay.ca/MARK-VIII-8-SPRI...ryZ33590QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

.....a couple of guys over at LOD and TCCOA have them and are quite content. Not quite as plush as the air ride, but you don't have to worry about coming out every morning to find your Mark VIII gugging the grass either. :D