Will a 1995 5.0 engine work/fit a 1990 5.0?


Mar 9, 2006
San Diego
Well, my buddy needs a new engine kinda (overheating/burning coolant/spraying out overflow). So I found him a pretty nice looking 1995 5.0 engine with 40 K. Looks very clean & has a few parts with it. There asking $500.

So my question is, Will the smog tube on the back of the heads still hook up, and is there anything else that will not work with the 90 5.0?

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The longblock is basically the same at its core but a lot of the external items need to be changed over to pre-93 parts.

Oil pan is the same, heads will accept the 93's smog hook-ups, balancer is the same, so is the flywheel/flexplate.

The intake, the headers, the timing cover and water pump, the pullies, throttle body, along with their associated items like fuel rails and whatnot.

Basically you can use the engine w/ no problem and whatever looks different, change it.:D