Will an 01-04 dash fit in SN95? Also vinyl dye question.

the boost creep

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Apr 16, 2005
Will an 01-04 dash direct-fit into a 95 GT? I would like to go this route if I can find one cheap enough. Otherwise, I will be dyeing my current dash black. Regarding vinyl dyes, how well does this stuff stick to the vinyl? I realize there are various brands, but just in general the good ones. Will the dye possibly flake or chip off or is this absorbed into the vinyl like factory color? I plan on removing the dash and doing it out of the car.
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It'll fit. It's exactly the same except for the absence of the dash clock. Just buy one and swap your factory harness into it. As for the dye, I bought the stuff that LRS sells to paint the '01-'04 console I'm putting in my '95. Not sure how it'll wear since it isn't installed yet, but it turned out great. The first two or three coats don't look good because it's pretty runny when it's sprayed on, but once they set up and you start adding more it'll look great.

This has about seven or eight light coats. I used the lacquer from LRS for the console itself. It used to be black.
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On the armrest..it'll wear...something about the oils on your arm. I have used it. As an alternative, I bought leather looking vinyl and wrapped the armrest. Looks new. On the leather seats, the spray dye works great.