Will longtubes hurt power on stock engine?


Oct 16, 2005
A friend of mine gave me his barely used MAC longtube headers and pro chamber. Question is, since i have nothing done to the motor itself yet(no cam, heads, or intake), will they hurt power or be ok?? Normally i would just stick with my shorty's but one has a crack and is leaking and the longtubes are free....any opinions appreciated
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I think you could go ahead with the long tubes as long as you know you could lose a little low end torque. Do you know the tube size? If they'e 1 5/8, you shouldn't have too much trouble. 1 3/4 like I have are a major pain to put in and with either size, you might want to get the Flaming River or Maximum Motorsports steering shaft for additional clearance. Without it, the shaft could rub not to mention it'll be an easier install with it out of the way. Just do not believe that line about "raising the engine an inch". It'll be more like 6-8 inches, just to let you know. I have the same setup and it makes better power than the shortys and h pipe.
the headers are 1 5/8....1 3/4 would be way too big. Im going to swap the starter for a mini starter because ive header it can be a bitch to get the stock one out with longtubes if it happens to go bad. As far as raising the engine, ill really need about 6 inches to get them in? seems like a lot
When i put bbk 1 5/8 on /w 1/2" exhaust I noticed a slight loss at lower rpm (500-1500). Car seems to pickup more on the top end. Totally stock car /w 4.10 gears on it. I think the lt are a bit much for a total stocker, but I could also have someone else wrong /w my car.
You're right about the mini starter, I have it and forgot to mention it. On a stock engine, it will probably drop in the low rpm range like postal said but it'll make up for it in the upper range. It'll be worth it so I think you could go ahead and swap it, especially considering they're free... wish I found that deal. They are overkill on a stock engine but they'll make any future mods really shine. And yes, you will need at least 6-8 inches. And be glad you have the 5 speed. I put them on mine and I have the AOD... I had to pull the engine to put in the driver's side and then the tranny to put in the rider's side. I do have the 1 3/4 but damn. But once in, they're worth it.