Will these fit on my '96 GT

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I know the 94-98 live axle is 1½" less than a 99+ .

A 10.5" wide rim with a 27mm offset and 6.9" back spacing on a 99+ with a Cat back(bigger tubing than stock) fits perfectly but on a 94-98 you may have to turn around the "quad shock" but I'm not sure if the exhaust is a issue.A friend of mine has a 98 with some 17x10.5" on the back and it's rubbing on the Quad shocks so he turned them around but it's still rubbing.He's still driving the car that way he said it's rubbing only when he's turning.. :shrug:

I think the back spacing is very important..


Increasing the backspacing will move the wheel further inside the wheel well. Decreasing the backspacing will move the wheel further out.


Hope it will help you.. :shrug: