Wire question


Yeah, it was pretty stiff, but eventually a buddy
Jul 13, 2005
Granger, IA
connecting the fuel injectors along the driver side there is one wire has a plug end to it and fits on a a small metal piece sticking out of the lower intake. So the first question is what is that? and number two that is a red wire going to that so I assume it is power to it or something, and there is another one that is identical that I've noticed dangling infrong of the engine but is a black wire with a plug on it any idea what I'm lookin at or where the black one connects to?
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The one on the intake is the water temperature sensor for your guages. The longer one that looks exactly like it goes to the oil pressure sender which sits off a stalk on the driivers side, a little bit down and behind the A/C compressor. It's a canister looking thing that will also have that threaded stalk sticking out of the top.
The plug on the side goes to the oil pressure sensor.

The plug on top of the lower intake is for the coolant sensor. I don't remember if that is the ECT or gauge sensor though.

someone else will, I'm sure.