X0X ecu

Jan 11, 2007
hi,i m from BAHRAIN and im very intresting with this fourm, every day i kwow a new thing about my 1990 mustang gt (AOD) but today i have strange thing.I remove the kick passenger side panel to identfy my ecu ,i was imagine i will see a9p ecu but i was suprise to see a new ecu that code X0X and equped with ADS super chip. that my first time to see that ecu:shrug: .did any body have seen this .
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I had no idea where Bahrain was, so I had to google it.
Sounds like it is too hot there for me though:eek:

Welcome to the forums!!!
It is cool to think that the Mustang has fans outside the US. :nice:

There was a guy on here several months ago with a Mustang, I think from Kuwait?
His car was setup a little differently than most US sold cars.
It seems that the emissions requirements for US cars are much stricter than those for cars sold over sees.
This means that Ford was able to produce vehicles with less emissions controls.

If your car is like the other guy I mentioned then you may not have O2 sensors either.

The X0X computer is most likely a non emissions, possibly non O2 computer.

I am not sure if the chip is going to do anything for you or not. The first question is...
Was the chip configured for that computer, or is it a standard A9* series chip.

Also, these chips don't have a great reputation for effectiveness.
It may be worth pulling the chip to see if the car actually runs better with out it.

Do you have any pics of the engine bay?
I am very curious about how Ford set up these cars.

Also, if anyone knows where I can get my hands on one of these X0X computers, I would love to read the settings.
I am curious as to what Ford did differently with these computers.