Yellowing Headlights...


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Nov 8, 2003
Just wondering if anybody has any good tips on keeping my Headlights crystal clear.I've been told that everything from Mothers wax to toothpaste with elbow grease will do the trick.Just wanted to get some of your opinions.
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custom90GT said:
for mine i polished them using a polishing wheel and some White rouge (sp.). Wax has helped to keep them clear. I've also tried scrubbing bubbles and a brillo pad to keep them nice.
I used polishing compound that helped turn my lenses back to just about clear again. It works very well. You can find some at any Advanced or Auto Zone or Pep Boys and it's quite easy to use.
Meguiars makes a real nice two step system specifically made for clear plastic. I've used everything from wax to aluminum polish and nothing has worked as well as this stuff. It is also a UV protectant so you dont have to wax em every month to keep them looking good.
I dont know about how to keep them clear. I dont think there is anything you can do to not have to worry. I would just clean mine every few months with mothers aluminum polish, it worked really good.
What makes them yellow in the first place is the lenses get tiny scratches and dirt gets into the scratches and pits and makes them yellow. It makes the car look very unkept.

I bought new headlights about 2 years ago, what a facelift for the front and the lights were so much brighter afterwards.

KEEPING them clear will be difficult. Wax might help. 3M makes a clear plastic sheet that you can put over the lenses and just replace every so often. I should have done that.

My daily driver needs a headlamp revival. I've heard the scrubbing bubbles bathroom clener works really well.
Mine were BRUTAL….I mean corn yellow!!! I started with 360-grit sandpaper and worked my way to 2000-wet. Next was some eagle one aluminium polish, accompanied by an ultra fine polishing compound, then an acrylic paste compound and finally a couple of good coats of paste turtle wax. They look nearly brand new. Don't forget to swish around a little diluted CLR inside the pods to get rid of the years of build-up inside there. One thing that made it easiest for me was to grind off the little alignment tabs on the lenses themselves. They’re only used to align the lights from the factory, otherwise there just a spot for you to keep bashing your knuckles while you polish.
I'd just replace them with new ones and clean them everytime you wash the car with a mild cleaner like say Armoural Glass Cleaner Spray for Tinted windows. I think regular Windex has too much ammonia and I don't know what kind of reaction it would have with the plastic over time.

If the cars stored outside in the sun, put those black shade light covers on.
Ive tried everything in my garage and thought i had mine looking pretty good....ive sanded, buffed, waxed, polished. When i got in an accident and had to replace the headlight i realized just how much better new ford headlights looked.
93 teal terror - I love that reef blue color (that is what mine is) headlights are pretty yellow and I have tried everything. I guess I'll have to get new ford lights looks real clean on yours :nice:

here is my car and pics of my headlights and they are over a yr old and havent touched em besides when i cleaned my car i cleaned em with soap and water and dried em off. dont know but i bought my girl some and hers turned after 3 months. maybe something with the bulbs or something i dont know . but here are hy headlights

here are the headlights i want to put in my car.
I have, it's pretty good stuff. I also used some buffing compound that my dad had used to get the oxidizing off his paint, and it worked very well. Just slightly abrasive, enough so you can feel the rubbing action.

See guys, that's why it's all about the 4 eyes...hehe...6 bucks and some change each for brand new lights at Pep Boys for my car, or if i wanna drop out 100 bucks i can get those fancy superbright blue color things