Yes, Another tire question.. i know i know, but PLEASE read!


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Jan 15, 2008
First and foremost, YES i DID use the search function.. the answers were too varied for me to make my comparison and a question or so of mine went unanswered...

so here it goes...

I finally saved up a couple bills for some dr's... now, what i'm asking is what do you guys suggest for my application? i'm looking at about 350 hp out of my ride and it's got 3.73's.... it's my DD and it will be seeing way more "street application" than "track application"... i was talking to someone on another forum whose stang hooks like a ****ing BANDIT, and he says don't worry about tread life, go with the MT's... this car hooks up like absolute crazy....

however, i've heard that the tread life is terrible and from what i've gained from other threads on this board, they seem to be extremely unstable for cars on the highway...

with that said, i've heard many good things about the BFG's.. that they hook real well *but not as good as the mt's*... however, apparently, they out-last the MT's by far (which is good for me because again, my car is my DD)...

so what i've got thus far is:

-terrible tread life
-very unstable at higher speeds

-GREAT hook
-way better tread life
-more stable at high speeds.

so what would you guys do for a daily driver with 350 hp? i'd assume i'd have a little more torque than hp, though i haven't had it dyno'd yet.. will my torque be a problem hooking on the bfg's or could they handle it?

i was leaning more towards the bfg's for my application - even though i know they don't hook as well as the mt's.. ugh, i'm so caught up on this decision...

OR can anyone recommend someone else? i'm open to suggestions!

i know these threads are definitely annoying, but i'm truly and honestly stuck after doing my own research and looking on this board. PLEASE HELP!
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I use the nitto 555r's on my car...from what I've gathered and experienced the MT is the least streetable and last the least miles, but is the stickiest.....the Nitto is the longest lasting and is actually good in the rain, but has the least grip the BFG's fall in between the two...I chose nitto's but then again I chose nitto's cuz it was my daily driver and I drove 90 miles a day...
Word: If this is your daily driver and you live someplace where temps drop below 50 degrees regularly (that is to say anywhere in the US) drag radials are not the way to go. DR's require heat for traction and can get dangerously squirrely in cold weather. Also, both Nitto and BFG make very strong statements about not driving with them in the rain.
thanks for the kind caution, but my buddy's running them right now in his camaro and says that they've been fine (our weather right now ranges from 45-85)... come winter time i'm getting an extra set of wheels with snow/mud tires.
Whoever told you to use MT's because tread life doesn't matter, either wants you to wreck your car, or thinks you have really deep pockets.

I prefer BFG, but for a DD situation Nitto is the way to go.
Treadlife is about double with the nitto, and rain traction is better.

You also dont' say what size rim these are going on.
Makes a difference because sizes are limited depending on rim height.