New Member
May 22, 2004
Lake Tahoe, Ca
I finished the install of my MMR Pro Trans 900, MMR/RBT 750 clutch, Fidanza al flywheel and lakewood bellhousing. My first impressions are that 1) I love this transmission! 2) Whoever says the TKO's are loud needs to check out MMR's line of them. and 3) I need a ton more gear!!!!! I had 4.10's with the stock t-45 and now have a 1st gear of 2.87 instead of the 3.27 and man does my car feel slow now!
There is only one thing I have to check, which sucks! I replaced the old rear main because I noticed that it was leaking and guess's still leaking from somewhere. Weird because I bought the "better" one and lubed it up and everything....
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