1. J

    2004 GT Dash Indicator Question..

    First off, I'd like to say I'm a new Mustang owner and I FINALLY HAVE MY DREAM CAR! But being a new stang owner, I am trying to learn everything 101 I can about my 2004 GT. One thing I can't find (or maybe I'm not looking around deep enough) is What dash indicators should I be seeing when my...
  2. 1

    Please help!

    Hey everyone so I have a 2004 Mach 1 with just under 100k miles. Just recently my car started to make a crazy whinnying/grinding nose while im driving. It doesnt happen at neutral and it doesn’t happen when im revving. It happen in 2-5 once I hit about 3k rpm and will keep making this noice...
  3. J

    Auto Trans slipping in 4th only on freeway

    I've got an 04 GT auto, it shifts perfect just driving around town, but when I'm on the freeway in 4th and give it a little gas, the traction control light comes on for a second and the transmission feels like its slipping, revs increase but no effect in speed, it almost feels like its trying to...
  4. L

    What's it Worth? Is this 2000 Mustang with Mach 1 engine swap worth the price?

    I found a guy selling this project car. It's a 2000 Mustang with an '04 Mach 1 engine swap, with 136,000 miles on it. It needs new struts, which I can do fairly easily, and some other cosmetic work. All is sound with the vehicle mechanically, as far as I know. So, I ask, is this car worth the...
  5. N

    Mustang tumbler gets stuck in certain positions

    Hey, so i have recently bought a 2004 mustang gt and when i turn the key to start the car, it gets stuck in the start position. It takes a good amount of effort to get it to the on position. It also gets stuck after turning the car off, while holding the release its difficult to turn the key to...
  6. B

    2004 3.9 V6

    Hey everyone, so in this past year I’ve been getting into backyard mechanics. And up until 2 weeks ago I’ve just worked on my F-150. I bought my dads old 04 from him. It sat in a woodline for 6 years. I’ve replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors, spark plugs, spark plug wire harness...
  7. S

    Replacing stock tires and wheels on my 04 Mustang GT

    So I've been meaning to get new tires and wheels for my 04 Mustang GT, and I wanted to turn it into a tribute car of the SVT Cobra R. I was thinking about getting the cobra style wheel with a squared setup of 265/40/18's all around. I haven't seen anyone do this before so I'm wondering if it...
  8. nathanruschill

    2006 Mustang GT mach 1 tribute

    I just bought my second mustang GT last friday ( my brother crashed my 2000 new edge GT :( at least i can say at 15 i have purchased 2 mustangs already :D). I was looking at mach 1s alot ever since the accident however they are either a really good price but need work, or they are super...
  9. 2004 Mach 1

    2004 Mach 1

    Waiting in a parking lot for a friend.
  10. Hudson N

    Should it run with IAC unplugged? 04 gt

    I've been having surging issues for a couple of months now. I replaced my IAC and checked for vacume leaks and tested my TPS. The surge is only slight. Maybe 25-50 rpm when its warm and on a real cold start it surges quite a bit for about a minute before smoothing out. I've done a reset and I've...
  11. P

    HELP! Bought a 2004 4.6L Swapped mustang

    I bought a mustang”gt” it was listed however I went to see it and realized it was a base 2004 with a 4.6l swapped engine and tranny with it I bought it anyway but now I’m trying to figure out why there’s so many codes regarding open circuits in cylinders as well as when I press the break or turn...
  12. Hudson N

    Anybody know what this bolt hole is for?

    2004 gt, factory intake manifold, this bolt hole behind the throttle body towards the passenger side, goes into the plastic manifold, what's it for? Just wondering if somethings supposed to go there. (In the photo it's the hole with the brass sleeve there, between the TB spring and cable)
  13. Hudson N

    Auto trans not engaging after braking

    I've got a automatic 2004 gt, the transmission shifts fine, not particularly smooth, but acceptable. After braking hard without stopping like entering a corner, the transmission let's go like it's in neutral and wont re-engage for a second or two, it will just rev up freely and then snap back...
  14. T

    Forced Induction Prep

    Looking for a list of components I should beef up before installing a turbo or supercharger. i.e. top end kits, rotating assembly kits, and any links or specs on how big the pistons need to be, bore, dish/flat, size of cams, etc. Thank you.
  15. N

    High Hanging Rpm Issues(2004 Gt)

    Disclaimer: I spent extensive time reading all posts I could find similar to this issue (I know about the infamous 4.6 hang issue) and replacing what I could, but still to no avail. Also a MASSIVE thank you to all the folks here that helped me get this far just from lurking and reading the...
  16. 30AnnivStang

    SOLD 8k, 100k Miles, Boiling Springs, Sc 2004 Gt Premium Anniversary Package

    http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=453400238&ownerId=71043267&searchRadius=0 Just reduced to $7500! You won't find a nicer Mustang that isn't a garage queen, just ticked over 100K miles. Car isn't perfect but close to it for the age. Don't want to sell, but...
  17. T

    Sooo...now What

    Im pretty new to the mustang community, buying my 2004 v6 3.8L mustang just not even 6 months ago. So far I have a catback exhaust system, cool air intake, short throw shifter, stage 2 spec clutch, RAM billet aluminum flywheel, and some raxiom LED halo head lights. I really want to get this...
  18. T

    Engine Swap 1996-2004 Need Advice

    I have a 1996 mustang Gt that has a bad motor in it, I am going to be swapping it out with a low mileage complete engine from a 2004 both being romeo engines, I want to use as many of the new engine parts as possible with that being said what I am i looking at here? is my fuel system and wiring...
  19. Russell P

    2004 3.9 V6 Engine Vibration

    I have been having some engine vibration for about a week now and I can't seem to figure it out. The whole engine shakes in idle and throughout the rpms (though it is worse around 1200 rpm). It also has a cough coming out of the back right tailpipe. There is also a rapid clicking type noise...
  20. A

    (video Included) Timing Chain Tensioner, Is This Normal Or No?

    Setting the timing on an 04 gt, before taking off the chains I set to tdc and marked chain at cam mark and the 6:00 mark on the crank. My chains had no visible links to differentiate but after the chains came off the 2 marks lined up at opposite ends so I felt confident in that. I also marked...