Replacing stock tires and wheels on my 04 Mustang GT


New Member
Jun 5, 2020
Roswell, NM
So I've been meaning to get new tires and wheels for my 04 Mustang GT, and I wanted to turn it into a tribute car of the SVT Cobra R. I was thinking about getting the cobra style wheel with a squared setup of 265/40/18's all around. I haven't seen anyone do this before so I'm wondering if it would work if I was trying to make the tires flush with the fenders without sacrificing handling. I don't want any rub of course that's why I was wanting to go with 265's instead of 275's.

I also plan on getting lowering springs and getting the SVT Cobra R front bumper. I do have to worry about it being too low considering there's a sizable speed bump at where I work too so I'm trying to find a good balance. If anyone has some insight on what I could do or what it would look like, it would be much appreciated.
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